What is Blog If you want to earn money in the world of Internet, then you must have heard this word blogging many times. Then this question must have come in your mind, what is this blog?

            So, in this post, we know in detail the answers to all the questions asked about the blog on the Internet, such as, what is a blog, what is the definition of a blog, what is the difference between a blog and a website, the type of blog, what is blogging, what are blogger, what are the benefits of creating a blog and how to make a blog.

What is a blog (in simple word)?

            The blog is an online source where the blogger, the blog writer, expresses his creative ideas and knowledge to the world with his unique writing style and diverse photographs. You get to read a lot of articles on the blog.

            Whenever you want to learn or get information on the Internet, you can get that different from different blogs.

History Of Blog

            The English word blog is a subtitle form of the word web log, it was used jokingly by an early blogger like we blog, later it was simply the word ‘blog’ and later The word became popular on the Internet.

            In the beginning, the blog was written like an online diary, in which people used to write their thoughts and their day care. Then slowly it became more popular and started becoming professional blogs.

          When Google needed more content, he started Google Adsense and Blogger Platform so that bloggers can start earning by creating their blogs in free.

What are the differences between Blog and Website

            “Blog” is a type of website, but if we talk about the difference between the two, then the blog and website are slightly different.

            Blog is such a place where content i.e. text, images and blogger’s views are posted and updated from time to time. While many websites come in the website, such as facebook, google, flipkart, amazon of a company

Why create a blog?

            Search Engine gives more importance to Blog, because it contains a lot of information. That’s why blogs are becoming very popular now a days.

            Everyone has a different perspective behind creating a blog. Big companies make a blog to tell people about their products and service.

            Apart from these, people make their own blogs, some for their goodwill and blog to be famous and some do a lot of keyword research and make a blog on a proper niche.

            Blogger is someone who manages the blog. The blogger has to do the work of writing content, making images, SEO, promoting on social media and analyzing the traffic of the blog, etc.

 Whatever content we write on blog is called blogging, nowadays blogging is not limited to just writing content, if you want to blogging then you have to do a lot of multi tasking tasks.

Such as promotion of blog, search engine optimization, design and reply to comments coming on blog.

Benefits of making a blog

There are many advantages to creating a blog, you can earn both your name and money in the world of Internet by creating your blog. If you make a professional blog and make more effort on it, then only your blog can earn you a lot of money, due to which you do not have to do any other job.

What is needed to create a blog

To create a blog you need the following things:

1. Computer OR Laptop

2. Internet Connection

3. Blogging Platform

4. Domain Name

How to start a blog

If you want to create a blog, then there are many free and paid platforms on the Internet, using which you can start writing  your blog in just a few seconds.

If you do not know more about the Internet, then you should make a blog with a free blogging platform. http://www.blogger.com is the best option to create a blog for free. You can create a blog without domain name or with your domain name.

Thank you, for reading my mytechnocloud blog. If you want to learn more about SEO, ONLINE EARNING, then keep visiting our blog.

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