What to do if you lose your phone? Have you ever lost your phone? If not then it is fine, otherwise the pain of missing your phone is very painful. 

   This is not because the price of the phone is high, but also because it contains many of your personal and financial data , which can be very valuable to the thieves . This is the reason that the realization of such personal information in the hands of a stranger is really a huge loss for the owner of that mobile phone. Therefore, information about what to do if you lose a mobile phone is very important for you.  

The truth is that the probability of getting your phone back is very low. But , if you have taken the right steps before and after the theft of your phone , then perhaps you can increase the chance of its recovery and also limit the damage that can happen later .

How to find the phone was stolen ?

Here we are going to know what you should do when you understand that your phone has been stolen. Well here some steps depends on you how much preparation you have already done. The rest of the steps are also very important , if you understand it properly.

1. Use Application

If you do not get any answer on calling . Then you can use any one phone finder app such as Find My iPhone Google Find My Device , or Samsung Find My Mobile . But it only works if that app is already installed in your Smartphone too .    

If you’ll just app of the website is to go to any web browser out , log in to be his right credentials with , and instructions to follow so you your phone ‘s map to locate can.

This will only work if these apps are already installed in your phone . not otherwise.

If you have the App from your Phone ‘s location trace are able to pass that the two cases can be. First of all, this location is near your house. A place where you have to come daily. Then you can trace your location and get your phone .

Secondly, if the location is somewhere else that you have never heard of , then be sure that your phone is in the hands of a thief. And even if your phone does not get an answer from there, then at least assume that your phone has been stolen.  

It mostly happens to thieves often phone to switch off Elate are immediately taken when they steal it , so be it your finder apps on show will not.

But if the thief by phone to switch off are not you his location has figured out even you because it should not be their haste here can be even worse results. Try to contact a police station and work under their instructions.  

2. File a Police (cope) Report (FIR)

Like I said earlier, contacting thieves directly can be costly for you. There are many cases where users have had to suffer a lot.

If you believe that your phone has been stolen, then you should file a police report about the phone being stolen. Although these law enforcement agencies have more resources, there is not even that of the other stolen phone to investigate can, but if you to them they can tell phone the moment where (your finder app from used to) then maybe they can help you quickly your phone to recover to.  

Note, bring your case so much the high priority will not , so you may of course some time.

If Your Phone recover could not be Police even by a police report can serve you too. Such devices with a missing or stolen report that he was a nationwide blacklist to add is. This means that this device is not going to work in any network .

If your credit card has been used after your phone is stolen , then your financial institution can demand such police report number for a proof that your device was stolen before they pay your money. .  

On the other hand, if you have insured your phone , then many insurance companies do not compensate your stolen phone until you give them a police report number .

3. Remotely your phone to Lock and Erase Do

As soon as you know that your phone is not with you and is with someone else , then you must decide immediately how to prevent that thief from gaining access over your contents . For this, you have to lock your phone remotely . These processes vary from operating system to system.

how to do in ios

iOS devices in , Activation Lock Automatically Enabled is when you Find My iPhone ( but this device already stolen the turn on the way) to turn on you. This locks your device which no one can sign in without your Apple user ID and password .  

This Find My iPhone app also has a Lost Mode feature . It displays a custom message in your device , which can also have a phone number to reach you. Your device the Lost Mode to keep , you must https://www.icloud.com/find your Mac or PC and they sign in , you must I Cloud Username and password by.  

If you are absolutely sure that you are not going to get your phone back, then you can remote erase all the data in your phone . But note that before this you should take back up your data beforehand.  

How to do in android

Your Android device you need to either remotely to lock Can Find My Device app ( which you already turned on should device from used to before it was stolen). You Gmail credentials can be used to https://www.google.com/android/find?u=0 to login to , a web browser and select or SECURE DEVICE.  

Now you will be prompt to set a new lock screen password . This same interface as in , if you want your device to remote erase can even if it you were important.  

How to do in windows phone

Windows in its own app is that the Find My Phone calls , allowing you your phone lock can. Any browser in , you sign in must windowsphone.com in.  

Click to Find My Phone and then select to Lock. Stayed with you your device to erase remotely to option to get even.

4. Change Your Passwords

If you get remote access to your device , then you can change your former passwords immediately. This can make your device even better secure . This is because the patterns are often guessed by hackers . Because screen for finger prints are left stains.

5.  Call to your Bank ‘s

You have to inform your banks about this at the earliest . Because most thieves can steal money from your bank because they have your registered mobile phone .

Therefore, it would be better that you suspend your bank accounts and cards immediately so that your money is protected. At the same time, you can request bank employees to make any activity in your bank account accessible to you.

6. Your Insurance Company to Contact in

It happens very often that some insurance is also attached to your phone , which helps you to recover its value due to theft. , While if you have a similar insurance that has taken you insurance company with contact can. With this, you can get the proper value of your mobile phone back.

Things to Do After Buying New Phone.

It is possible that you have many steps that you may not have done before stealing your phone . There is no mistake in this because people do not have any information about these safety features .
Therefore it would be better that you should know about all the things that you can apply to secure your newly purchased mobile .

1.  Serial Number note  to your device.

Write down the International Mobile Equipment Identification (IMEI) number of your new mobile . It’s your phone ‘s settings to see or that your phone behind physically print could see was the original packaging in.  

You can also quote it with your police report if needed.

2. Active phone finder App to your mobile

We have already told you about some phone finder apps such as Find My iPhone and Find My Device . As these apps already on your device in the pre-installed are , therefore it would be better enable make phone after shopping.

They will help you to know whether your device has been stolen or just lost. At the same time, it helps you a lot in finding your phone .

3. make a Strong Passwords to your phone

Always use a strong password, PIN, or pattern to lock your phone . This may sound a bit strange to hear, but it is true that more than 30% of android users do not use any lock screen passwords .

If you have any passwords that are not used any of your phone easily from your access may be, while you cannot do anything like that.

4. Use Automatic Backups

It is very often that we forget to backup the data in our busy schedule , at the same time we may have to take a lot of damage.  

Nowadays a lot of Apps that your data is automatically the backup take. With this, you do not have to worry about backup .

What to do if you lose your mobile phone ?

I hope that I gave you complete information about What to do if you lose your mobile phone ?

and I hope you have understood what to do if the phone is stolen .   

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