In the Avast system, antivirus users can perform many operations to purchase a premium offer or cancel a subscription. To do this, they need an identification code or, as they call it, an order number. This code is very important because in case of any errors or identification, the support team may request it from you.

The upcoming article will tell you how to find your Avast order number, making you feel free to perform various operations quickly, efficiently and without any errors. So where can you get your purchase number? It is sent by e-mail with your purchase confirmation. The exact location depends on the Avast purchase seller.

We suggest reading the next explanations so that you know exactly where to look up to your Avast order number.


First, open the checkout verification letter that applies to your product purchase. This notification is sent from [email protected] in case of a fresh purchase. Your reservation number may be listed in the subject line or in the text of your order validation letter.

Digital Driver

A message acknowledging your customer’s order can also come from avast accout with the thanks for your activity message. Look for the words “Order ID” in the text and here it is. Remember to save it somewhere.


As a rule if you did not get the previous two messages, you may get a notification from Nexway from the same message. You just need to do the same manipulation as before and look for the Nexway request number in the heading line or in the main part of the acceptance letter.


In this case, look for Link # in the subject line or your Avast link ID in the text of the veryfiying letter.

Your account.

If you have not got a notification with the key code to your account, you may find it in your “Avast account. For this purpose, log into your account using the address in which you registered your order. If you do not have an account or if you had entered another contact email address that differs from the one you did purchase from, it can be corrected. In the first case, you have to sign up with the same email address that you shared when you purchased the avast product. And in the second case, you can add a new email. The rest is simple: log into your account and click ” Subscription”, your identification code will be there.

Remove malfunctions

Look in your junk box if you are unable to find your checkout letter,this type of mailing is often considered spam, so be sure to check there as well. If the code is also missing from your account, contact Avast Technical Support.